Speed Camera Coming to Seven Courts Drive

Police announced an additional five speed cameras in Baltimore County school zones late Friday afternoon.

A speed camera is coming to 's school zone, one of five new cameras announced by police officials late Friday afternoon.

Installation will begin "in the next few days," along , between Joppa Road and Proctor Lane, according to a news release. Cameras will also be installed throughout the county, near Winands Elementary, Loch Raven Academy, Bais Yaakov and St. Ursula's.

The Seven Courts camera is slated to be Perry Hall's second speed camera. The first was on May 1.

Under previous legislation, the total number of speed cameras in county school zones was restricted to 15. But on Jan. 1, 2012, under a new contract and a law approved by the County Council in February, the county was allowed to in school zones. The latest five additional cameras will bring the county's total to 22, according to the release.

Thirty days after a speed cameras is activated, drivers in the designated school zone who exceed the speed limit by at least 12 mph will receive a warning. After 30 days, the cameras will begin issuing $40 citations.

Based on state law, speed cameras operate year-round, between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

Speeding and reckless driving is widely regarded as a along Seven Courts Drive. Ire over traffic conditions escalated after a while trying to cross the road in January.

Police temporarily stationed a in March. of the Parkville police precinct said its placement is in direct response to traffic concerns from local residents, shared in the comments of and during following the hit-and-run.

Do you think the speed camera will have a traffic calming affect on Seven Courts Drive? Tell us in the comments.

DougW July 08, 2012 at 10:57 AM
The camera was installed last weekend, and it is gone now, just a concrete pad. What happened to it? Anyone know?
Mike Fisher July 10, 2012 at 10:14 PM
Speed cameras are useless and nothing more than a police fund raising tour to rape taxpayers, the ones that pay their damn salaries, over chicken S tickets. The woman who was killed on Seven Courts Drive was hit by a DRUNK DRIVER, not a sober one. The problem is speed limits are too low. There is no way that the speed limit on SCD should be 30mph, it should be 40mph, 35mph AT LEAST for as wide as it is after the circle. You don't penalize an entire town because of one person, that is ridiculous and insanity at it's finest. The other insane part is that you can't BUY a car these days that won't go at least 100mph, yet I've never seen a speed limit above 80mph anywhere and only for short distances on remote stretches of highways. Why make cars go that fast, why continue to increase their handling ability, their performance at high speeds and their braking power if we're just going to tell people to go 30mph everywhere. It's a complete scam and fund raising tour, that's all it is.
Mike Fisher July 10, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Speed limits are too low, that's the problem. People driving under the speed limit because they are too old to drive or just suck at driving, that's the problem. People who force curbing to merge them into traffic cutting off other drivers is the problem. Flat out, people who don't know how to drive is the problem, not the speed limits. Cars today, even cars 10-15 years ago can EASILY handle speeds of 40mph and be able to brake and handle more than effectively enough to avoid accidents, it's just 80% of people don't know how to drive a car properly. THAT's the problem. You want to fix the problem? Raise the speed limits, for one. A speed trap in front of Seven Oaks is ridiculous because the school grounds is behind another building, well away from the road and also because they just don't do a damn thing to stop people from speeding. You want to fix the problem? Stop making cars that can go 100mph, handle tight turns at 35mph or more with ease and brake faster. What's the point in improving the performance ability of cars if you're just going to ticket everyone for using it. I will say a 12 MPH buffer for tickets/warnings is fair because that still means you can go 40mph. No WAY should anyone get a ticket at 2am for driving 50mph down this street when there's no headlights to be seen and everyone is in bed.
Mike Fisher July 10, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Cars today can easily handle higher speeds. It makes no sense to continue to improve car performance if speed limits stay the same. NO sense at all. Make cars with a top speed of 60mph, then you'll fix the problem. Until then, stop complaining about people speeding. People will use the performance they have. More accidents are caused by SLOW drivers than by fast ones. Weaving in and out of tight traffic without turn signals? Reckless and unacceptable. Driving 10-15mph over the speed limit in a straight line with few cars around? Not a danger to anyone. If someone runs out into the road, guess who's fault that is? THEIRS for being an idiot and running out into the road without looking. I'm so sick of all this speed camera BS. I have never been ticketed by one. I consider myself a moderately aggressive driver because I will not sit behind slow drivers, but I will not do anything to risk an accident either. It is PAINFUL to drive at 25mph or even 30mph in a straight line on a well paved road. I have lived in this place for most of my life and never once seen a child run out into the street or anything even remotely close to that. What happened to that old lady was a tragedy, a tragedy that ONE person caused and ONE person should be punished for it, not the whole community. BS, all of it and it won't stop speeders either. It will do two things: one, clog up the court system and two, cause massive backlash.
Mike Fisher July 10, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Speed limits need to change. They are too low and way behind the technology and capabilities of today's cars. It's ridiculous.


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