Eastern Tech, Kenwood Among Most Crowded Classes

The Baltimore Sun released a ranking of Baltimore County high schools with the highest average class sizes.

Eastern Technical High School has some of the most-crowded classrooms in the county, according to a recent report.

According to a Baltimore Sun report, ranks 10th in the county with 19.1 percent of classes with 30 or more students. ranks ninthin the same category at 19.2 percent. ranks first with 36.3 percent.

Eastern Tech entered this school year with 1,256, about 9 percent less than the school's capacity of 1,380, according to its school's profile. Kenwood has 1,732 students this year with a capacity of 1,918, according to its school profile.

The school faced budget cuts last year and will have to reduce its faculty by four teachers next year. This comes after the school system reduced its workforce by 196 teachers countywide, , although this was done through attrition and not through layoffs.

In response to the Sun article on class sizes, Baltimore County Public Schools officials announced on Monday afternoon that the staff reductions translated to an average increase of one to two students more per class adding, "There is no empirical research that links student performance to class size."

Also stated in the release: "Baltimore County high school class averages—reported as ranging between 19 and 25 students this year—compare favorably with state and national average class sizes (about 23 students) even before the nation’s economic downturn."

In addition, the release stated: "The adjustments to high school classes enabled Baltimore County Public Schools to assign teachers based on enrollment trends as well as to adjust to a difficult economy, all without sacrificing the quality of the education provided to all students."

Does class size have a real impact on students' education? Tell us in the comments.

Leah May 16, 2012 at 12:40 PM
In the Sun article, it says the schools dropped 700 classes throughout the schools in response to lower enrollment. The total enrollment dropped by 500 students!!!! I think someone needs to retake basic math on that one.
Joan Wood May 17, 2012 at 12:31 PM
I have to wonder why this is now a problem? When I went to school ALL my classes had 30-35 students, starting with Elementary School. In my fifth grade class, my teacher, Mrs. Wright taught both 5th and 6th grade, that class was probably close to 50 kids......the teachers taught, the kids learned. We didn't have nearly the problems they report today. Oh, and we didn't have police, security guards, or metal detectors either.......imagine that!


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