McDonough Demands Debate with Mayor on 'Black Youth Mobs'

Republican delegate calls for Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to "stop pressuring Baltimore City's top cop Commissioner Bealefeld into leaving his job."

Del. Pat McDonough continues to press his complaints about what he has called "" in Baltimore by calling on Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to debate him on television.

The Middle River Republican is also accusing Rawlings-Blake of forcing out Baltimore City Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld.

earlier this month.

In a statement released late Tuesday night, McDonough called on the mayor to debate him on television.

He also released details of what he said was part of a bill he plans to introduce in Annapolis next year.

"I acknowledge that I do not have all the answers," McDonough wrote in the statement. "At least I am making an honest effort to be part of the solution. The youth crime problem in Baltimore City and the state must no longer be ignored. I believe in a carrot and stick approach."

Neither McDonough nor a spokesman for Rawlings-Blake were immediately available for comment.

The delegate, in his press release, said he was preparing a bill that would create a "Maryland Youth Advocacy Fund" financed by special tax-deductible contributions.

The money would go toward job creations, youth leadership and mentoring programs, scholarships, police youth clubs and other programs.

The "stick," according to McDonough's press release, would include aggressive enforcement of a city curfew law and "zero tolerance, arrest, and penalty including mandated community service for youth crime."

You June 13, 2012 at 03:20 AM
Lets here numbers and facts.
JD1 June 13, 2012 at 03:21 AM
I have worked in those schools. I do volunteer in Baltimore City. I tutor kids after school and drive them home. AYP - are you kidding me - you just completely destroyed your credibility. City schools aren't bad - parents are! Test scores mean absolutely nothing. Thevare incredible teachrs in every city school. Unfortunately the system is run by morons. Kids fail by choice. We don't have school districts in MD - again, youndestorynyourncredibility. The schools with the most poverty get the most funding for the kind of support that I am talking about. There is a ton of federal money and programs that get to high need schools. i didn't say they were great but I know for a fact that a kid who wants to learn can learn. Again - no excuses
You June 13, 2012 at 03:21 AM
Oh does impoverishment equal lack of morals and values, lack of responsibility and causality of ones actions? Curious about this response!
Lily June 13, 2012 at 03:24 AM
That is a lot of people's every day life. It's not a sad movie. It's reality. You don't have to go far to see if you cared enough to do more than judge. Those after school programs don't work 24 hours a day. So if you need to work 80 some odd hours a week to make ends meet and the 5 hours a day you spend on the public bus to get around to your jobs keeps you away from home then you can't be there with your kid all the time. He job doesn't have health care but her kid gets the state child health care. However she has to take time off work to go to the doctor and her job at walmart and toco bell don't give her any paid leave because they will only hire her 29 hours a week each so neither has to pay her full time benefits. It's all she can get on the bus line so that's what she takes. DSS doesn't take kids because the state says any child over 8 years of age can legally stay home alone and DSS knows if they started taking all those kids they would have no where to put them because they depend on foster parents and there are not enough of those. DSS tries to offer support to the kids in this situation but the moms are afraid the kids will be taken so they don't avail themselves. They don't trust and from this the children learn also not to trust or ask for help. So they don't trust teachers etc. Plus their teachers have the same bias you do. They weren't raised in poverty. They are just doing their time in the poor school until loan forgiveness and getting out.
You June 13, 2012 at 03:27 AM
And lastly! Again! DO you support OBAMA's strong statements directed at black families to start taking responsibilities for their families, children, and themselves? "Stop making excuses and expecting bailouts."
JD1 June 13, 2012 at 03:29 AM
This is getting painful!! I do like the directed questions because I keep answering them. Ronn - ur right on. I don't think there's any information, facts or statistics that will help Lily see the light - she's part of the problem. A "Lay-Z-Boy" lawyer representing all of those poor oppressed victims of the white man.
JD1 June 13, 2012 at 03:39 AM
Actually DSS does remove kids. Just yanked three kids in my school out of a horrible situation. If mom teacher her kid not to trust than again, that's part of the problem. Why is she oppressing hr own kid? 80 hours - I doubt it besides you just said her jobs would only give her 29 hours?? Walmart has great benefits by the way and does a great job working around schedules. Actually the teachers don't have any bias - they love working with challenging kids and are there by choice. They could care less about AYP - they love kids and pour their heart out. They show the kids more love than any other adults in their life. You are clueless!!
You June 13, 2012 at 03:41 AM
Lil. Tell me about the "white youth mobs" in Canton and Fells Point. When was this? Careful Lily, I worked as a bouncer in Fells Point in the 90's and again in the 2000's. Never heard of this lie you are spouting. LOL! In fact: the majority of all issues we ever had were black kids trying to mug people as they left the bars and restaurants; and homeless breaking into cars. You are obviously not from the city, and talking a lot of "bs". I am assuming you are a sociology teacher from a community college. LOL! Go away!
Lily June 13, 2012 at 03:46 AM
I don't know every single statistic and I grew up in New York state so forgive me if I don't know your MD equivalent to what we call a school district. I don't have a problem with saying the black people are disproportionately affected by poverty and that's why it looks to some people like it's a causality and not a correlation. I do get everything you are saying. Believe it or not I was raised Republican so I used to think the way you do. People have to learn all that. The topic here is not the crime. It's why it has to be hammered what race the people were who did it. At least that's what I'm talking about. We can all agree the crime has to stop and people need to be held accountable whoever they are and I wish kids could just be taken from some of their parents but that's never going to happen. I'm not a Lay-Z-Boy lawyer. I was one of those kids. Now I live a middle class life just like you do. But I didn't do it by myself. Without help I would have had no choices at all.
Lily June 13, 2012 at 03:52 AM
I guess my other point is also, can you imagine a world where everyone volunteered a few hours of their time in a way that would help an impoverished kid. Seriously. Go be a CASA volunteer. There are tens of thousands of kids in the system who need it and it takes 15 hours a month. Or any other thing that would help. But everyone doesn't. Most people don't and so that is why we have a crime problem. It's the great tragedy of the commons that we don't care enough to put our time where our mouth is. We think money solves the problems. Relationship solves the problems.
Lily June 13, 2012 at 03:56 AM
That is probably true in some cases but it's a mixed bag. It's not like that everywhere. I'll grant you that the teachers probably do care more than the people in the kids everyday life if the kid is that impoverished though. I was trying to make a point not a case study.
JD1 June 13, 2012 at 03:56 AM
So since I AM from Baltimore, taught in BALTIMORE city, still work with kids in BALTIMORE every week, and since you are admittedly from New York and received some liberal BS higher education whe do you come off judging "they way that I think.". The problem is that you don't think you follow whatever liberal crap is being served up. Unlike Fox, I am "fair and balanced.". This entire thread started when a politician called out the people who run Baltimore city and failed to be politically correct. He called black criminals black because that's what they are. Whether you were on of those kidsor not is your biz - I hear that the 'hood in Utica can be pretty tough. Word NYC
JD1 June 13, 2012 at 04:01 AM
You are 100% correct - we finally agree. BUT - you push away the folks who would love to help when you spout liberal rhetoric that compounds the problem. I feel like I need to buy us both a drink! You sound like a great person - just slightly misguided.
You June 13, 2012 at 04:04 AM
Lily. You have called those of us applying our free-speech; "racists". That my friend is powerful, corrupt and in fact very demeaning. You know nothing about us and our pasts! Yet, the powers that be repeatedly call anyone white a racist if they in anyway denounce black behavior or issues. You have fallen or have adopted that pattern.
Lily June 13, 2012 at 04:05 AM
Here you go. Here are some random numbers for you to consider. http://www.radford.edu/~junnever/bw.htm
Lily June 13, 2012 at 04:06 AM
I'm sure not all black youth from the city are impoverished. I'm sure the mayor's children are not if she has any and I'm sure there are others.
Lily June 13, 2012 at 04:18 AM
I'm only looking at what you are saying here and it sounds pretty racist to me. I think the bigger problem is that both camps define what racism is differently such that both groups use the same word but mean something very different by it. People offended and hurt by racism would look at what you wrote here and think you were a racist... mostly by ignorance but a racist just the same.
Lily June 13, 2012 at 04:26 AM
Maybe you should take personal responsibility for the lack of complete clarity in your "free speech". **good natured sarcasm** I'll take that drink only on the promise that you keep a more open mind.
You June 13, 2012 at 04:37 AM
Bedtime for Bonzo. I have an honest job to report to in the AM. Lets see what crap I deal with tomorrow. I am sure it will be more dam white folk running amuck in the city. Normally is.
Lily June 13, 2012 at 04:42 AM
"black behavior" is a myth. There is nothing that is "black behavior". The problem is that if you take all the people in poverty most of them are going to be black because black people are disproportionately affected by poverty. However that's not the vast majority of black people. Look closely at those numbers in that link. Only 9% of whites are in poverty compared to 27% of black people. Racism is when you look at the behavior of that 27% and use it to define the whole race. So if a group of poor people are doing something that gets on video it doesn't matter what it is they are doing they are going to be mostly black people doing it because of the make up of the people in poverty not because of the make up the black race. It doesn't make it "black behavior". Does any of that make sense?
Lily June 13, 2012 at 05:00 AM
Here you go this is also revealing if you want the truth about something. http://usfoodpolicy.blogspot.com/2009/12/food-stamp-participation-by-race-and.html
Eastsider June 13, 2012 at 11:33 AM
Again oppression is an excuse… Did Dr Ben Carson let oppression beat him down? What about these people Oprah, Booker T Washington, Elvis, Paul Mitchell, Li Ka-shing, and Herman Cain. Yes I did add diversity to the list. This small list are people that were oppressed that saw the big picture and wanted more out of life then handouts.
M. Sullivan June 13, 2012 at 01:22 PM
"Exclusion from the culture" ? Give me a break. Seems to me that most popular culture lately is influenced by "black culture", including entertainment, communication, fashion, and social values. As far as the excuse of poverty and oppression goes; never in the history of this country, or the world for that matter, has one group of people been given so many opportunities and handouts specifically directed at that group as has happened in the U.S. as part of our collective guilt for slavery. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. The fact that these violent mobs tend to be black should make other, law abiding blacks outraged. Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton now?
Able Baker June 13, 2012 at 03:06 PM
So that accounts for 7 people from the past 50 years that have had a great degree of success. Is it your contention that this sort of success is achievable by anyone? If so, what have you not achieved this level of success? Are you lazy? Incompetent?
M. Sullivan June 13, 2012 at 03:38 PM
Able Baker, neither I nor anyone else with any sense would expect Eastsider to name every single person to every rise from poverty to success. His point is very obvious, yet you have assumed his point and ask if he is lazy or incompetent. Is there something wrong with you?
Eastsider June 13, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Well Able Barker I could continue to list additional names if you like me too, naming a few was making a point that people can achieve anything they want, it’s up to each individual to succeed or fail. What have I achieved let’s see I’m working in a fulfilling career in public safety putting my life on the line daily, I have donated my time to Rec Councils for the past 19 years. I volunteered in the past for different organizations. Really can’t say I’m lazy, when I wasn’t making the money I do now I worked upwards to 80 hours a week to provide for my family so they could have the best of everything. Now is that good enough for you? Not that I have to prove anything to you......
Other Tim June 14, 2012 at 10:15 PM
I don't care how "oppressed" anybody is. If they commit crimes, they are criminals. If they are black, they are black.
Edward V tindel June 15, 2012 at 05:31 AM
oppression exists ,but not so much that its a excuse to be a criminal. here,s the problem you have a lot of black leaders who are ashamed of how there people are behaving,and instead of addressing that behavior they blame white folks for all there ills,and catch a attitude when you say black teens are the problem.right now they are the problem.every race has people who are thugs,but in Baltimore city its the black teens. until our leaders agree with those who see the problem,they will never be able to solve the problem http://innerharborviolencenightmaresonlightstreet.renthandy.com/
Edward V tindel June 15, 2012 at 05:39 AM
how can you see black teens steal,see black teens assault,lock up black teens that kill and get offended when someone white sees the same thing and tells you about it.this is the mayors attitude. that's the problem with city officials,instead of solving the problem they lie and say its not happening
Parkvillehoney June 15, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Parkvillehoney 11:42 am on Friday, June 15, 2012 I bet if you look into the backgrounds of the majority of the black teen "criminals" they are not living hand to mouth. They feel they are "entitled" to what normal people work for. Instead of finding a job and working their way up to middle class, they would rather steal to get it NOW. Look at the ATF raid in Hampden on Thursday, 06/15/20112. All the persons involved were black! One of the persons didn't think nothing of trying to run down 2 police officers. I am sick and tired of watching the 11PM news and seeing one black person after another involved in crime. STOP trying to make excuses for criminals!!! You do the crime, you do the time. END of story.


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