Letter: Proposed Hosanna House a 'Haphazard Placement of Resources'

A letter stating Delegate John A. Olszewski Jr.'s stance on the proposed program for homeless men was distributed at North Point Community Council's meeting Thursday night.

To the Residents of the 6th District:

As your representative, I wanted to be sure that you were aware of my position on the proposed Hosanna House in Edgemere. Let me be clear: I do not support the placement of the Hosanna House attached to the St. Luke Church. I simply feel that the proposed location is a haphazard placement of resources for people in need, in this case inappropriately locating a shelter near residential housing, a senior citizen facility, and most importantly directly next to a preschool. I find this neither thoughtful nor productive.

While I commend the efforts of Catholic Charities and appreciate their commitment to our area, this shelter will not tackle the fundamental problem of homelessness in eastern Baltimore County. Our communities require  a much more comprehensive approach to homelessness and needs of our neighbors.

Indeed, while I believe that the homeless population in our community needs our help, simply hastening t implement a patchwork of services and resources will ultimately be counterproductive. That is why I have proposed to the county administration that we address these problems with a complete service center that aims to aid populations in need, while being sensitive to other considerations. I ask that you consider my attached proposal and consider supporting it. A balance of our shared concerns can be met, and I am committed to working with community, county and state leadership to create a viable solution to this ongoing problem.


Delegate John A. Olszewski Jr.

Editor's Note: The attachment referred to in the delegate's letter was a reprint of a column published on Dundalk Patch on Oct. 20. It is linked to here as well as in the body of the councilman's letter above.

Mary Ann E November 03, 2012 at 03:29 PM
So the area delegate doesn't want it, the community doesn't want it, the local parish doesn't want it, the parents of the pre-K children do not want it, why should there be any question about this happening? Find out just who the proponent is and let everyone know. If the only thing they understand is $$$$ we must hit them where it hurts. I do believe they are supported by donations. Let the powers that be know that the donations WILL STOP. Not a threat - just a fact. A letter campaign to everyone we know and are related to asking them to stop any donation that would even marginally contribute to this fiasco.


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