Early Voting Surpasses 2010 Election

Most counties in Maryland show a spike in early voting turnout in 2012 while Anne Arundel and Worcester Counties show decreases.

Turnout for early voting this year has already exceeded that of 2010 in 22 of 24 jurisdictions in the state.

And while two counties report declines in the overall percentages one Eastern Shore county reports close to a 20 percent turnout.

But the exact meaning of the higher turnout is hard to immediately discern, according to one local elections analyst.

Residents across the state have the opportunity to cast votes for President, U.S. Senate, eight congressional races and seven statewide ballot questions including congressional redistricting, the Maryland DREAM Act, same-sex marriage and expanded gambling.

Source: State Board of Elections

Jurisdiction 2012 Early Voting 2010 Early Voting Talbot 18.08% 14.46% Kent 14.99% 13.03% Howard 12.20% 8.37% Caroline 10.27% 8.38% Dorchester 9.48% 6.82% Queen Anne's 9.44% 9.12% Montgomery 9.41% 4.66% Charles 9.23% 5.70% Prince George's 9.06% 7.45% Somerset 9% 7.32%

In four counties—Caroline, Howard, Kent and Somerset—the early voting turnout over the first six days exceeded 10 percent. Talbot County reported more than 18 percent turnout this year.

A majority of the top 10 jurisdictions, in terms of highest turnout, were not in the Baltimore-Washington corridor.

Even so, jurisdictions like Baltimore City, Baltimore and Harford Counties also recorded increased turnout over 2010.

Source: State Board of Elections

Jurisdiction 2012 Early Voting 2010 Early Voting Baltimore City 8.77% 5.44% Baltimore County 8.22% 6.34% Harford County 7.62% 7.45%

Anne Arundel County, which reported 8.74 percent voter turnout in 2010, is slightly down in 2012, reporting just over 8 percent turnout headed into Friday—the last day of early voting. Worcester County is the only other jurisdiction to be slightly under the 2010 early voter turnout.

What the increased turnout means for candidates and the various ballot questions is not clear, according to Donald Norris, Chairman of the Department of Public Policy at the .

"There is little or no evidence that early voting matters in overall turnout or in overall turnout among sub groups of voters—elderly, young, minorities, etc.," said Norris. "So I am not inclined to say anything about this except that turnout is up."

Tim November 06, 2012 at 10:54 AM
The last gallup polls, the ones that favored Romney so much the past several weeks, only had Romney up 1% today. The Gallup polls from 2-3 weeks ago? Romney up by 6-7%.
Joe November 06, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Allegation of unions putting illegal immigrants on voter rolls clouds Nevada voting "Just hours before voters go to the polls in the battleground state of Nevada, a national group has announced it plans to file a complaint regarding illegal immigrants purportedly being allowed to vote. ALIPAC, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, based in Raleigh, N.C., sent the Nevada secretary of state an email outlining its intention. "We want to stop the felonious thefts of American elections," says William Gheen, ALIPAC's president. Gheen points to a commentary published in Sunday's Las Vegas Review Journal. In it, editorial writer Glenn Cook accuses the Culinary Union 226 of knowingly registering illegal immigrants and then pressured them to vote. Cook quotes an unidentified illegal immigrant who is on the Clark County voter rolls. The person claims a union representative told them they were "in so much trouble" for refusing to vote. Catherine Lu, a spokesperson for Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, said she could not comment on Cook's editorial or ALIPAC's official complaint. Gheen says his group wants all non U.S. citizens removed from the voter rolls before Tuesday's election. He suggested the state could use Homeland Security databases such as E-verify to do the job." Read more: http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2012/11/05/allegation-unions-putting-illegal-immigrants-voter-rolls-clouds-nevada-voting#ixzz2BRjUZwA4
Frank/FIFA/Steve November 06, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Wendy Rosen
P. Davis November 07, 2012 at 01:23 PM
>>>>>"Well, well, well. So are you libbie nutters all ready to have your nose rubbed though the brown stuff? I'm so looking forward to it.">>>>>> Actually, you'll have to tell us about that, as one with direct experience. Last night was a clear & direct repudiation of a tired old, bigoted, misguided Republican Party. Good triumphed over hatred and evil. Lies, negativity, obstruction and the constant sowing of discord were soundly rejected by the majority of this country and the good guys won!!! The Party of No, Filibuster and Obstruction had better sit up, shut up and start doing the JOBS they were elected to do; which is enact the will of the American people. Dems have won TWICE. This is what the country wants. Now, Repubs get over it! You lost! Get to work!!!!!
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