White Marsh Police Offer Assistance to Shelters

Police presented community donations to local shelters for women and families last week.

Stuffed animals, diapers and canned goods don't necessarily prevent or solve domestic abuse, poverty and tragedy—but they can take the edge off when women and families flee to for support.

Following months of , the donated several boxes of items to the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County and Eastern Family Resource Center last week.

"When people leave their homes for domestic violence, they leave everything," said Rebecca Foster, FCC shelter director. "If they're worried about where to get their next diaper, they're more likely to go back to that dangerous situation."

"We would just like to thank the White Marsh police for assisting us," Foster said.

But Pfc. Misty Huber, the precinct's domestic violence coordinator, said the assistance goes both ways. Shelters regularly consult with police and provide immediate help to crime victims.  

"Every day, I refer people to the shelters—365 days a year. I don't see that letting up anytime soon," Huber said.

Community donations increased compared to , Huber said, but the need continues to grow.

"I'm glad actually to see more people utilizing the shelters," she said. "We've had tremendous help from the community."

Charmaine Short, manager of the Eastern Family Resource Center, said she and her organization were likewise happy to accept the donations.

"We have 125 mouths to feed, including about 40 children," Short said. "It's really important. Everything a family would need at home, we need here at the shelter."

Police will continue to accept donations of non-perishable foods, clothing, small toys, cell phones, toiletries and blankets for shelters in the precinct's lobby at 8200 Perry Hall Blvd.


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