Two Arrested For Robbing Towson Busker, Kicking Guitar

Two Baltimore men allegedly tried to kick a street performer off a downtown Towson intersection.

Two Baltimore men have been arrested on robbery and assault charges in a confrontation with a busker in downtown Towson.

According to police, a busker was playing guitar Friday night at the corner of York Road and Pennsylvania Avenue and collecting tips from passers-by.

The busker told police that two men approached him shortly after 11 p.m. One told him to get off their corner. The street performer refused. While one man yelled at him, the other snuck behind and tried to steal a bucket holding $4 to $5 in tips. The man struggled over the bucket, which spilled onto the sidewalk. The robbers took most of the money, then one kicked the guitar in the victim's hand.

The busker tried to dial 911, but the same man then kicked the phone out of his hand, breaking it, according to a police report.

Police soon spotted two men matching the victim's description walking southbound on York Road.


Arrested were Tony Lyde, 43, of the 3200 block of McElderry Street in southeast Baltimore, and Reginald Johnny Bonaparte Jr., 32, of the 1600 block of Argonne Drive in Northeast Baltimore. Both were charged with robbery and second-degree assault. Lyde also was charged with destruction of property.

Lyde was initially held on $100,000 bond. It was reduced to $25,000 on Monday. Bonaparte was released Saturday on $100,000 bond.

I LOVE Towson June 19, 2012 at 07:35 PM
I'm with you. It's also shocking to me that this same defendant can be seen most days of the week panhandling or sitting on a wall in front of the old Towson Community Bank or in front of Barnes and Noble -- FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS!!!! Scary!
JAKE KAPLAN June 20, 2012 at 01:15 AM
It is sad that this happened for no reason. I have met the young guitar player. He is a nice kid and he deserved better. Kudos to the Towson men in blue for catching the perps. There are too many people hanging around York road doing nothing but looking for trouble. Towson needs a police presence all the time if you want it to grow and people to move there. Jake
Escariot June 20, 2012 at 02:26 PM
We should all sign a petition to remove the number 8 busline. It is obvious that these two clowns get back and forth using it. Those waiting for the number 8 now think that they own towson and have a right to be ignorant to all those that passby.
Cheryl Leach-Harazin June 28, 2012 at 12:38 AM
I have been in & around Towson "Proper" my entire life, & it has changed & not for the better. Stories I hear from mine & other teenagers, it's worse than I had even thought, & that several of there friends have been robbed, harassed, pushed & beaten up. That there is a division & conflicts arising from area people & people coming up on the bus from the city. I personally have been followed towards my car, B4 I made such a racket that they ran off, fortunately others were in the area leaving other business'. With the new "Towson III" Center coming especially, but also with the businesses that have always been there, I would really like to be able to go back to Towson without FEAR. I wouldn't even consider walking by myself there anymore as I used to from age 15 to 30+. Towson could do with the more personal "Beat Officers" an effectual/interfacing of police tactics could do much to improve Towson. They knew the People, Streets & Alleys. Who should & more importantly who shouldn't be hanging around. They knew the Proprietor's, Regular's, Home/Condo Owner's, Busker's, etc... & You knew them, it was more personal & informative for both the Police & the People they serve & protect. There's more of a sense of community with Policing in that manner, when you knew them by name & vice versa. I believe strongly that our Towson Police are doing there best & that it's an excellent precinct house. Does anyone agree?
D Schmid August 18, 2012 at 12:31 PM
HE'S BACK!!! I was walking my dog on York Road near Towson University and was stunned to see TONY LYLE of SE Baltimore, one of the violent thugs who robbed and broke the hand of the guitar player, sitting on a bus stop by Burke and York. I use to see him either sitting there or on the bench by Barnes & Nobel. He wasn't waiting for a bus, what he does is ask for money and God knows what else. The guy is well dressed and certainly doesn't look like he's starving. He may be mentally ill. Remember his face from the photo above. We'll likely hear about him in the future.


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