Mega Millions: Residents, Reporters and Gagster Flock to 7-Eleven

Ticket holder has still not been identified, but curious neighbors and reporters have been visiting the 7-Eleven that sold the winning ticket.

UPDATED (4:45 p.m.)—Typically, 7-Eleven stores draw customers from within a half-mile radius, a spokeswoman said.

That means the winner likely lives quite close to the convenience store in the 8000 block of Liberty Road that sold one of the three winning tickets for the $640 million Mega Millions lottery on Friday. 

On Saturday, neighbors and reporters descended on the Milford Mill 7-Eleven for the unlikely possibility that the winner might show up.

Four other winning tickets worth $250,000 were also sold in Maryland—at a 7-Eleven at 9709 Beaver Dam Road in Timonium, at a 7-Eleven on Harford Road in the city, at a Redner's Warehouse Market in Bel Air and in Boonsboro, according to lottery spokeswoman Erica Palmisano. 

One Milford Mill 7-Eleven customer, Earl Winston Carter, 38, said the winner should be careful when and how they reveal their identity. Carter said a man who won a lead paint poisioning settlement had his younger brother kidnapped for ransom.

"So I don't really think that the person who won this money is going to reveal themselves in Baltimore," Carter said.  

At around 3:30 p.m. a man called the store and spoke to a Fox News reporter and claimed to be the winner (see video). The man said he would be at the store in 25 minutes.

Others were showing up to take in the excitement and offer their advice. Watch the video and decide: is that really the winner calling the 7-Eleven? (UPDATE: The 25 minutes came and went, and no winner showed. So, more than likely, it was another early April Fools hoax.)

Bianca Fields and Antoine Whittley said they were both upset they didn't play (see video).

"We're definitely about to play some scratch-offs," Whittley said.


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